Reviews on Indian Medicinal Plants

Publisher : ICMR

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(La - Ly) 2015

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I        List of plants reported for only ethnobotanical/traditional uses

II.  List of plants not included in volume due to change in botanical nomenclature

III. List of some important books, treatises and encyclopedias referred


I.    Index of botanical names

II.   Index of bioactive phytoconstituents

III.  Index of pharmacological and biological activity

IV.  Index of regional and other names

Plant Genera Included in Earlier Volumes

I.    List of Plant Genera Vol-1    (Abe - Alle)

II.  List of Plant Genera Vol-2     (Alli - Ard)

III.  List of Plant Genera Vol-3    (Are - Azi)

IV. List of Plant Genera Vol-4     (Ba - By)

V.  List of Plant Genera Vol-5     (Ca-Ce)

VI. List of Plant Genera Vol-6     (Ch-Ci)

VII. List of Plant Genera Vol-7    (Cl-Co)

VIII. List of Plant Genera Vol-8   (Cr-Cy)

IX.  List of Plant Genera Vol-9    (Da-Dy)

X.  List of Plant Genera Vol-10   (Ec-Ex)

XI. List of Plant Genera Vol-11   (Fa-Gy)

XII.  List of Plant Genera Vol-12 (Ha - Hy)

XIII. List of Plant Genera Vol-13 (Ib - Ky)